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Are you ready to face the Monkey personality?




Monkey years: 1992 February 4 to January 22, 1993
1980 February 16 to February 4, 1981
1968 January 29 to February 16, 1969
1956 February 12 to January 31, 1957
1944 January 25 to February 13, 1945
1932 February 6 to January 26, 1933
1920 February 20 to February 8, 1921
1908 February 2 to January 22, 1909

So you were born in the Year Of The Monkey. Well, lucky you. Monkey people are a lot of fun. Usually they have the other person "by the tail" more often than not. Yes, they are full of it, and the IT is mostly humor and humorous. Now those who appreciate humor, will certainly be drawn to the Monkey. They are the one sign bent on utilizing it and do so with a high degree of intelligence. This is most certainly true about the Monkey and his/her high jinx behavior. Problems are puzzles to be solved, and Monkeys are up to the challenge. This makes them good to have as friends and also helps them to make their lives work. Usually successful at their jobs, they wonder why others often fail to succeed.

Monkeys have the imagination it takes to make great writers and can come up with fantastic plots for their fiction. Their minds seem to have a bent toward making things "work out" for themselves even if it means by any means. Maybe this is why they make such good story tellers. Of course it may mean making their relationships with partners or others rather nebulous or at time even perilous. Yes, these people are able to influence people and are acutely intelligent.

In surveying the literature, most of the authorities including Suzanne White, one of the best in the area of Chinese astrology, describe the Monkey sign with the following characteristics:

STRENGTHS: --witty, --inventive, --affable, --problem-solvers, --independent, --skillful business people, --achievers, --enthusiastic, --lucid, --nimble, --passionate, --youthful, --fascinating, --egotistical, and clever.

WEAKNESSES ARE: tricky, --vain, --dissimulators, --opportunistic, --long-winded, --not all that trustworthy, --unfaithful, --adolescent, and unscrupulous.

Some of their other characteristics:
-easily confused and discouraged.
-possessing the most extraordinary way of being in the world of all the signs.
-generally remarkably bright.
-most are remarkably funny, but not the most honest people to live with.
-within that affable, sociable, and loving individual is the seed of deception.
-when faced with a puzzle no means is to mischievous for this one to use in solving it.
-sorting things through, weighing pros and cons, they do their dance and love watching self in mirror at same time.
-not foolhardy and usually well aware of their own limits will drop something if not easily solved.
-all-out enthusiasm for projects they are working upon.
-much of their excitement may be because of their self-interest with the success of their work.
-Make excellent companions especially if they want something from you, and they have few scruples about how to get it.
-"looking good" to the world from their activities is what they strive for and most of the time they succeed.
-born with the knack for being engaging, charming, and witty, they use this cunningly in their dealings with others.
-not only intelligent but cunning and clever as well ; can succeed in almost any profession.
-memories are forever, and they can remember down to the smallest detail.
-kept busy they may stay out of trouble; prefers dealing with problems others can't handle.
-most important contribution is helping produce and with their extraordinary luck they frequently end up with a patent on the process.
-good journalists usually getting their facts straight because of their fantastic memories.
-emotionally they are like children, easily discouraged.
-marriage and family life holds many twists and turns for them.
-faithfulness to one person is difficult.
-fantasy comes easily to them making them good writers, illustrators, and directors.

-sometimes wide-eyed with child like innocence, yet you will never catch her working for free, for instance. Provide rewards for correct behavior and be surprised by how well it works.
-knows what she wants and where such wants might be satisfied.
-numbers and facts may turn her on and office life can be interesting for her with ringing phones and projects plus problems to solve.
-may live more in head than in body so sex is not that much of a turn-on since it is physical.
-not a great fan of jumping around to Jane Fonda tapes.
-flexible and adaptable by nature, will come out of big trouble by using their imagination and creativity.
-keeps old friends and smooth over annoying wounds to hold together her relationships.
-revenge is not sweet for her and in dealing with others she sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks with forked tongue.
-one can plainly see why they are never dull but rather sharp, confident, and opportunistic.

-realizes early in life that nothing is ever permanent or irreparable.
-not exactly worried about his popularity, for he knows there are ways of changing other's viewpoints.
-may be a very fashion plate with his ward-robe.
-displaying expertise and skill on the job site will carry the Monkey higher on the ladder.
-Unlike the male Hare, the foreplay and wind-down are best part of lovemaking.
-on the whole, the male Monkey are the Peter Pan children who refuse to leave childhood.
-emotions are those difficult feelings that jump all over the landscape almost out of control.

PAIRING: -Best of all would be the Dragon; only way to keep the Monkey fascinated and occupied.
-Rats make good companions and are as clever and tricky, one of the few that could keep up with Monkeys and perhaps best them at their own games.
-Tigers go well and indulge themselves in devious schemes.
-Pigs and Oxen are easy prey for Monkey and are twisted around their little fingers.
-Dogs are too smart as are Horses, Snakes, and Roosters. They keep Monkeys at arms-length.
-Monkeys will take time to train and nurture things weaker than themselves, thus are good with animals and children.

And so it is with Monkeys....

Famous people born in the year of the Monkey:
Roberto Alomar, Pamela Anderson, Gillian Anderson, Patricia Arquette, Milton Berle, Cate Blanchett, Ray Bradbury, Charles Bronson, Delta Burke, Ellen Burstyn, Chelsea Clinton, Paula Cole, Gary Coleman, Katie Couric, Ann Curry, Tim Daly, Bo Derek, Danny Devito, Celine Dion, Carrie Fisher, Foely Fisher, Dennis Franz, Bill Gates, J. Paul Getty, Mel Gibson, Rudy Giuliani, Cuba Gooding Jr., Dorothy Hamill, Tom Hanks, Anita Hill, Ashley Judd, Carlyn Kadavy, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Gladys Knight, Michelle Kwan, Patti LaBelle, Nathan Lane(actor), Monica Lewinsky, Lisa Loeb, Nancy Lopez, George Lucas, Julianna Margulies (ER star), Marilyn Manson, Melanie Mayron, Joe Montana, Marina Navratilova, Chynna Phillips, Pope John Paul II, Lisa Marie Presley, Della Reese, Tim Reid, Mary Lou Retton, Debbie Reynolds, Christina Ricci, Molly Ringwald, Mickey Rooney, Eleanor Roosevelt, James Todd Smith (LL Cool J), Jimmy Smits, Sammy Sosa, Rod Stewart, Jerry Springer, Elizabeth Taylor, Christy Turlington, Barbara Walters, and Barbara Zahn.

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