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Are you ready to meet the Goat personality?.


Chinese Astrology

Goat (sometimes called sheep) years: 2003 to 2004 1991 February 15 to February 3, 1992
1979 January 28 to February 15, 1980
1967 February 9 to January 29, 1968
1955 January 24 to February 12, 1956
1943 February 5 to January 25, 1944
1931 February 17 to February 6, 1932
1919 February 1 to February 20, 1920
1907 February 13 to February 2, 1908

So you were born during the Year Of The Goat. Well, there could be worse things. The picture most have of the goat is that of being rather peaceful and always minding their own business even if it means being thought of as passive and non-confrontational. Does that sum it all up or what! Not quite. Yes, the Goat is a non-violent type, but is that so bad? Not by a long shot.

Most Goats find it to their own personal comfort level to be rather sweet, innocent, unassuming people who are not always the delicate naive person most want to think they are. Yes, they put goats in the same stall with highly nervous and strung-out race horses to calm them down and it works. The Horses of the world need a good Goat around to gentle things down a tad. This happens to be one of your endearing qualities, Goat. You do have a natural talent for quieting things down around you. Early on you learned this about yourself and inwardly you know this is one of the reasons you are so popular around stress-related situations. Maybe in the future that will be a slot to be filled in on employment applications…. "What animal sign are you?" And those who are able to fill in…."Goat" will naturally be chosen over some other sign if the employer knows his Chinese animal signs.

The Goat also is sensitive enough to others to know when their presence is appreciated and so can more easily float through life without many of the hard-knocks others sometimes encounter.

Much has been written about these Chinese animal signs of the zodiac. The consensus among Chinese astrology experts, such as Suzanne White, illustrates much of what we know concerning these signs. What follows below is a compilation of their ideas.

-a Yang sign sometimes called Sheep.
-naturally timid, preferring to blend with their background and retaining anonymity.
-how much anonymity can one retain when they are elegant, --sincere, forgiving, -- creative, -- intelligent, -- well-mannered, -- sweet-natured, -- tasteful, -- inventive, -- homespun, -- persevering, -- lovable, -- delicate, -- artistic, -- amorous, -- malleable, -- altruistic, and the very essence of being peace-loving.

Having one for a mate has made my life so much more pleasant than I had ever imagined it could be.

-easily duped by one with a sob-story, can be overly righteous, --might slip into negative attitudes, at times withdrawn, -- fuss-budgets, -- dissatisfied, can be overly emotional, good at sulking, -- capricious, -- intrusive, -- undisciplined, -- dependent, -- irresponsible, -- not very concerned with time, and insecure.

-will take in the gullible with their innocence and naiveté when ruffled feathers hit the fan.
-surface organization will fool you; below the surface may hide a highly disorganized individual.
-smothering with their love, watch out; whatever goes wrong is never their fault.
-hates criticism and rebels at too much control or discipline while at the same time not minding being lightly bossed. -comfortable with being a follower, they are rather weak-willed.
-does well with strong partner who leads them away from their sometimes capricious behavior.
-earthy and seductive.
-easily floats through life's sometimes ticklish situations.
-feels little need for consistency, may jump easily from one avocation to another.
-having a talent for many things, will be found in almost any occupation.
-gives high regard to their own security and if that is not present in their environment will change things or disappear.
-looking for a commitment by someone providing security for life is their main concern in life.
-live their lives through other people and consequently have great survivor instincts.
-not usually clock-watchers.
-if you think you can move into a relationship with a Goat and change their behavior…forget it.
-noted for not being scholars, they are too frequently caught up in their own fantasies and daydreams to be the honor students of the class.
-They are versatile, inventive, adaptable, and well-mannered and would make good diplomats or team-players within a corporate setting.

-a very feminine sign to begin with, the female Goat can wear her femininity well.
-may be very photogenic and usually attractive so is easily the charmer in any situation.
-making a comfortable life for self is their usual goal so look for their home to be more "homesy" than stylish or something to be pictured in "Better Homes And Gardens".
-always maintains a close tie with home and mother. -holds dear the good times and quickly puts anything else behind them.
-sensual and giving in love-making.
-needs to have close relationship with her lover and prefers it to be none of this "New-age" nonsense but deep and lasting.

-having a love relationship with a Goat is the best of all pleasures for a female for this sign is a romantic.
-usually a calm type and not nagging at all.
-may find it hard to deny self or partner anything and may overspend at times.
-getting around to the hum-drum things in life like laundry or washing the car may be forgotten for other more important tasks such as telling friends stories on himself.
-Make better lovers than husbands.
-finds it hard to express very personal feelings, but will share stories of any other misfortunes that may occur along his life's path.
-good crafts-people; artistic in their work.
-even though being bossed is not that hard for the Goat, don't think in terms of behavior change for no sign can be more stubborn.

-need much affection and attention.
-seek peaceful surroundings free from want.
-can be destroyed in a wink by Oxen or Dogs.
-enjoy Horses and Monkeys who help them through the world making their best partners.
-find their best bet for marriage is a (Rabbit)Cat; they are affectionate, financially lucky, and are also good organizers.
-find that Pig also makes good partner being financially lucky.
-are extremely vulnerable to manipulative people.
-discover Dragons, Horses, Monkeys, and Cats are all good friends.
-find that Roosters, Rats, Tigers and Oxen make bad friends and should be keep out of the picture.
-are too nice and generous to be good business-people.
-find that Monkeys can put them to profitable work as will the Pig, Dragon and Cat (Rabbit).
-are sure to succeed in life and are among the most soft-hearted persons alive.
-should not be badgered, for such a Goat can become a very angry person.
-find that incentives can put them into money-making activities.
-are most compatible with Boars and Rabbits, but never the Ox.

And so life goes for the Goat……

Famous people born in the year of the Goat:
Troy Aikman, Ellen Barkin, Boris Becker, Steven Bochco, Bill Bradley, Brandy, Toni Braxton, Teresa Brewer, Amy Carter, Dana Carvey, Kevin Costner, John Cussck, Robert De Niro, Catherine Deneuve, Celine Dion, Bill Gates, Gertrude Hii-Beimers(author), Bill Bradley, Carleton Fiorina, Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, Bill Gates, Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding Jr., John Grisham, Gene Hackman, George Harrison, Goldie Hawn, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lauren Hutton, Billy Idol, Mick Jagger, Steve Jobs, James Earl Jones, Melina Kanakaredes, Sen. Bob Kerry, Nicole Kidman, Michelle Kwan, Paul Mellon, Dan Rather, Julianna Marguilies, Howie Mandel, Paul McCartney, Reba McEntire, Darren McGavin, Donna Mills, Joni Mitchell, Rita Moreno, Kate Mulgrew, Joe Namath, Greg Norman, Joe Pesci, Liz Phair, Dan Rather, Geraldo Rivera, Cokie Roberts, Cokie Roberts, Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler, Pete Seeger, William Shatner, Maria Shriver, Anna Nicole Smith, R.L. Stine, Christopher Walken, Emily Watson, Bruce Willis, Katarina Witt, Boris Yeltsin, and Yo-Yo Ma.

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