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Are you ready for Oxen personalities?
stamp issued by Beijing



Oxen (Buffalo)years: 1997 February 7 to January 27, 1998
1985 February 20 to February 8, 1986
1973 February 3 to January 22, 1974
1961 February 15 to February 5, 1962
1949 January 29 to February 17, 1950
1937 February 11 to January 31, 1938
1925 January 25 to February 13, 1926
1913 February 6 to January 26, 1914

So you were born in the Year Of The Oxen. That puts you a step up on some of the other signs. Of course this doesn't surprise you for you already know what most of your good characteristics are. Ask anyone what they think of when Oxen is mentioned and they will immediately say, "Oh Oxen are known as hard working and steady as the day is long." Of course they might throw in: "Bull-headed and stubborn like you wouldn't believe!" but then who is asking?

You Oxen people must know that we others do admire your stick-to-it-ness. The trail is there and you will walk it to its end. We know that and sort of expect it of you. If we were all so practical about our own path through life, the world would work a lot better.

On the negative side, there are some Oxen who find it hard getting along with certain types of people. They are not afraid of stating their beliefs and also their desires. Frustrate their demands and they can become highly vocal. Disagree with their viewpoints and they will stick to their beliefs until their dying breath. It is not rare to find a fanatic or two among the more aggressive Oxen.

From what the literature states among Chinese astrology experts such as Suzanne White, personalities that come into the world during the year of the Ox follow along certain lines.

--dependable, --calm, --bright, --patient, inspiriting to others, --make happiness for themselves, --the best parents around, --hard-working, -- patient, --family types, --methodical, --good at being loners, --leaders, -- proud, --reserved, -- precise, --confidence-inspiring, --great talkers, --self-sacrificing, -- original, --can also be best silent people around, --long-suffering, --strong, and tenacious.

-- slow, --loutish, -- stubborn, --sore-losers, --authoritarian, --conventional, -- resistant to change, -- misunderstood, -- rigid, --vindictive, and prone to be jealous, --dangerous when crossed.

-should be listened to when they speak usually having something important to say.
-tend to specialize in what they undertake as their life-work; not usually handy in all areas like some signs.
-are high achievers and rather steady plodders.
-able to control their own destiny, and often influence another's fate as well.
-can't be stopped when their determination is present.
-are opposite of ethereal or flighty types and like routines and conventions (spelled "rules & regulations").
-can get down to serious business and doesn't fool around.
-are tenacious and methodical and steady.
-they are known to do or die trying.
-May at times be deeply unhappy, troubled, jealous.
-probably make good mental-health worker or therapist.
-among the sanest and best human beings around.
-often gruff and even stand-offish, they will give their all to one who proves they are worth it.
-have long memories.
-known for their rages that may over-power all in their way.
-good concentration powers with much attention to detail.
-not one for small talk or chit-chat.
-does have remarkable wit and insight.
-Sometimes shows indifference to those who disappoint them.

Ox women:
-Tough customers with very little sentimental feelings about them.
-They despise weakness and really don't need a "help-mate" to make it in the world.
-Would rather stay at home and view world from sidelines since at home they are not subservient to anyone.
-Are vulnerable away from home and hearth.
-Sentiment and duty are one and same to Ox woman.
-Will blame self first, but if man strays she'll remind him of it the rest of his life.
-Deserves the best because she gives the most.

Oxen Men:
-modest and sets his own standards about his appearance usually on the neat side but comfortable side.
-happiest when bossing others and not content when subordinate.
-good in the executive roll and will not bruise easily.
-tough minded and fair.
-does not need to be looked after, fawned over or bolstered up in times of need since he is a loner even when paired.
-doesn't care much for fancy dress as long as it is conventional; dignified may be his thoughts on the matter.
-likes the country, flowers, and nature in general.
-maybe rather tongue-tied and awkward around his lady during the courtship. His actions, however, will speak louder than his words.
-love and sex may be in separate compartments within his mind. -hard to tease an Ox since they don't actually understand the "tease" and are usually in a serious mode.
-not very demonstrative.
-self-righteousness is worn well by the Ox.

-not wanting to jump into anything prematurely, the Ox prefers long engagements to short ones.
-Ox and Roosters get along well as mates as long as Ox rules Rooster.
-Second choice would be Ox and Rat since rat will be charming and gay giving respectability to relationship.
-Snake and Ox aren't bad together since Snake likes to wiggle out of domestic responsibilities and the Ox doesn't mind them at all.
-Cats, Monkeys, and Dogs also go well with Ox.
-Goats and Tigers are bad for Ox since they will be impatient with the slowly plodding Oxen.
-Goat aren't that organized and the Oxen will be after them to get "it" all together.
-Horses and Dragons are not good for Ox. Moral ideas will differ too much. The steadfast trustworthy Ox will be uncomfortable around their disregard for convention. Also the Horse and Dragon are haughty and proud to a fault. They will take advantage and Ox will lose in end.

Business and family:
-Ox and Rat should be together, but not Dragons or Tigers since their authority may be of the unconditional kind that grinds down the Ox.
-Probably should go it alone and be involved with self only.
-Rules with iron fist and orders must be obeyed. This wipes out Horse, Tiger, Dragon and even the Goat.
-Best way of getting along with Ox is through apparent giving-in and going-along with the Oxen.
Should marry a Snake or Rooster but not a Goat. That would lead to trouble.

And so life goes for the Oxen……

Famous people born in the year of the Oxen:
Madeleine Albright, Louie Armstrong, Warren Beatty, Tom Berenger, Jeff Bridges, Charles Bronson, Art Buchwald, William F. Buckley Jr., Neve Campbell, Johnny Carson, Prince Charles, George Clooney, Natalie Cole, Nadia Comaneci, Bill Cosby, Ton Curtis, Princess Diana (Winston), Cameron Diaz, Dominick Dunn, Alison Eastwood, Laurence Fishburne, Jane Fonda, Gerald Ford, Michael J. Fox, Leif Garrett, Richard Gere, Amy Grant, Whoppi Goldberg, Tipper Gore, Robert Guillaume, Woody Harrelson, Mariel Hemingway, William Hewlett (with a Parkard?), Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Julio Iglesias Jr., Bruce Jenner, Don Johnson,, Heddy Lamarr, k d lang (singer), Jessica Lange, Jude Law, Jane Leeves, Monica Lewinsky, Lisa Ling, Rebecca Lobo (basketball star), Jason London, Camryn Manheim, Elizabeth McGovern, Mimi Miyagi, Mary Tyler Moore, Eddie Murphy, Jack Nicholson, Ted Nugent, Carroll O'Connor, Jennifer Paige, Colin Powell, Victoria Principal, Bonnie Raitt, Meg Ryan, Gene Simmons, Gary Shandling, Paul Shaffer, Sissy Spacek, Tori Spelling, John Stamos, George Stephanopoulos, Svetlana, Brandon Tartikoff, Mary Travis, and Dick Van Dyke.

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