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Are you ready to face the personality of the Rat?



The Rat years are: 1996 February 19 to February 6, 1997
1984 February 2 to February 19. 1985
1972 February 15 to February 2,1973
1960 January 28 to February 15, 1961
1948 February 10 to January 29, 1949
1936 January 24 to February 11, 1937
1924 February 5 to January 25, 1925
1912 February 18 to February 6, 1913

So you were born during the Year Of The Rat. Well now, how about that? One thing going in your favor is your ability to see the humor in the situation. This makes it easier for you during the times you put other than your best foot forward. Legend has it that in the year that Buddha called all the animals that he had assigned to the different years, it was the Rat who came first to him. This led people to believe that the Rat year is lucky and would be a year of good fortune with many opportunities. Disney heirs will testify how lucky rodents really are. The Rat is sociable and blessed with many friends.

Rats sometimes step forth without thinking and consequently finds trouble unexpectedly. They early learn ways of getting around this problem. Using their charm, humor, and likeable personality, they find quick solutions and are on their way to new adventures. Managing money might fall into that previous category of unexpected problems. Buying things that are unneeded just because they may be bargains that can not be resisted can be a problem.

What saves the day for the Rat is his/her ability for self-preservation. They always make sure there is a "back door" to use for an escape from a situation. They have an interior alarm system that works like a defense mechanism to keep big trouble at arms-length. So there is a calculating side to their nature.

Rats are typically ambitious and honest, but prone to spend often and freely.

Much has been written about the Rat by authorities in the field of Chinese astrology. A compilation of their ideas along with those flavored by the best of the lot, Suzanne White, liven up the Rat's portfolio.

--rather secretive, -- seductive, --outgoing, --amusing, --energetic, --good counselors, --meticulous, --quite sociable, --jolly, -- persistent, --intellectual, --lovable, --sentimental, and generous.

-They seldom make lasting friendships and are profiteering, -- manipulative, -- agitated, --gamblers, -- greedy, --petty, --suspicious, --disquiet, --tiresome, --destructive, and power hungry.

-have high standards as usual characteristics, but their mind is nimble and always mentally calculating.
-actually selfish once they let acquisitiveness and greed take them over.
-when crossed want revenge and are ruthless about taking it.
-capable of great vengeance and may make unreasonable demands for in retaliation.
-complains a lot without realizing it. -do like their luxury over simple things.
-seeks love to be happy and will do anything to get it.
-would make good con artists with their persuasive talk and does desire having own way.
-warm feelings and generosity are most apparent but tinged with self-interest.
-sometimes hated or blindly adored by others.
-likes to remember the good old days but still aren't overly sentimental.
-easily spots loopholes to get out of things.
-catches sight of opportunity very fast and knows where to look usually.
-are also capable of the lowest type of laziness.
-their glib tongue comes to their rescue often.
-has a basic needs to talk things through, and with their eye for detail and great memory make good writers.
-deep philosophical thought takes too long.
-discussion of deals, strategies, and projects is found most interesting.
- loves good foods and drink and may be an uncontrollable snacker.
-can't say no to bargains and may over spend on such things.
-sucker for sales and may buy unneeded items which seem to accumulate around them.
-surplus may be stored for bad times, or at least that is the excuse
-may be depended upon for having some insurance since they do plan for future.
-may have the capacity of being genuinely humble.
-are good lovers and have hearty appetites and are imaginative.

-Part femme fatale and part career woman but always with an air of the sophisticate.
-Like to be married usually fitting in housework with career.
-What counts more than anything is security. They can put up with a male who is argumentative, drunk, and a cad if the security is there.
-Most of the time very pennywise, they are capable of extravagance and spending sprees.
-They worry a lot, but are just as apt to be in a magnanimous mood even if it causes some discomfort.
-Flees back to home and hearth when trouble rears head.
-Often end up attracting weak men who willingly do their bidding and she may end up despising them since they are easily ruled.
-May feel duty-bound to change husband.
MALES are:
-likes the idea of "dressing up" and will do so at the drop of a dinner-date hint.
-seekers of tenderness, passion, and romance.
-finds impressing the opposite sex easy to do and will be generous to a fault in his pursuit.
-may long for closer contact and intimacy but often falls short of the mark.
-thinks easily on feet and will make a new plan before the old one is blocked.
-wit and charm go a long way for this fellow and gets him much of what he wants.
-being persuasive and mostly self-assured, the Rat will easily gain the female's confidence.
-prospects for a Rat's marriage to last are better than average. PAIRINGS?
-Pigs make good companions for rats. They help them carry out plans.
-Snakes also have fun with rats for they give sound advice. Rats need reassurances and snakes will do this.
-Dragons also go well with rats for rats like their dash and pizzazz, and dragons like the applause from rats.
-Monkeys do well with rats for they will fascinate the rat. Rats admire the grace and agility of monkeys. Malicious monkeys can dupe any rat and this emotional strain will soon tell on the rat.
-Rats and Roosters get along in a flashy superficial manner, but the bragging of Rooster will finally end them.
-Rats stay clear of Tigers or Dogs for they misunderstand each other.
-Rats should avoid Cats (Rabbit) for the Cat doesn't respect them.
-Rats do well in small businesses. They enjoy executive positions but they really hate staying behind a desk all the time.
-Since Monkeys are tricky and intelligent Rats idolize them and follow them blindly.
-Horses are too are too strong for Rat to withstand.
-Ox and Rat are not to bad a combination for the Ox will be satisfied staying put and letting Rat do the running.
-Rats as parents are authoritative and protective.
-They make good teachers for they are creative and will always invent new games and encourage creativity.
-Tiger, Dragon, and Dog may consider themselves to be one cut above Rat and this exasperates Rat.
-Most comparable with Dragons and Monkeys, least likely to get along with Horses.

And so goes life for the Rat.

Famous people born in the year of the Rat:
Alan Alda, Ben Affleck, Prince Andrew, David Arquette, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Kathy Bates, Valerie Bertinelli, Ernestine S. Bradley, Kenneth Branagh, George Bush, Billy Campbell, Jimmy Carter, Michael Chang, Prince Charles, Julia Child, Henry Cisneros, Aaron Copeland, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Dole, Roma Downey, David Duchovny, Carmen Electra, Jennifer Esposito, Dale Evans, Jennie Garth, Al Gore, Tipper Gore, Amy Grant, Jennifer Grey, Andrew Grove(Intel)(Time man of year'97), Gary Hart, Grant Hill, Ben Hogan, Dennis Hopper, Kate Jackson, Ladybird Johnson, John F. Kennedy Jr., Stan Kenton, Natassja Kinski, Kevin Kline, Don Knotts, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Branford Marsalis, Ricky Martin, Jerry Mathers, Jenny McCarthy, Queen Mother, Julianne Moore, Mandy Moore, David Nelson, Shaquille O'Neal, Ozzy Osbourne, Marie Osmond, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean Penn, Bernadette Peters, Denise Richards, Carl Ripken, George Segal, Richard Simmons, Kevin Spacey, Rebecca Romijn Stamos, Elvis Stojko, Meg Tilly, Clarence Thomas, Bill Wyman, and Kristi Yamaguchi.

The Rat carries Yin energy. And so goes the life of a Rat.

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