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Are you ready to face the personality of the Rooster?
stamp issued by Beijing



Rooster years: 2005, 1993 January 23 to February 9, 1994
1981 February 23 to January 24, 1982
1969 February 5 to February 5 1970
1957 January 31 to February 16, 1958
1945 February 13 to February 2, 1946
1933 January 26 to February 14, 1934
1921 February 8 to January 28, 1922
1909 January 26 to February 10, 1910

So you were born during the Year Of The Rooster. Well, join the roster of many famous people who are in your circle. You have a lot of confidence in yourself and this does give a certain luster to your personality. One might say it lends a lot of zest to your life and certainly influences your life-style. The problem with riding high is you make a good target. Roosters must be cautious about a high profile. They do have personality with a flare and can't help but stand out from the crowd.

Being the center of attention is a demanding position to maintain. Energy is quickly used up and may become exhausted. That can be a problem. One must be courageous being a Rooster with so many pit-falls that can sink one along the way. It makes one needful of being precise and organized. This can be a plus when it comes to finances and control of funds. Roosters make good financial advisors.

After researching the literature and gathering the information, the following appears to be what the authorities in the field of Chinese astrology, even the best, which I think is Suzanne White, think about the Rooster.

--frank, --vivacious, --courageous, --resourceful, --attractive, --talented, --generous, --sincere, --enthusiastic, --conservative, --industrious, --stylish, --amusing, --contemplative, --popular, --adventurous, --self-assured, --leader at work site, --seeker of more learning.

--dreamer, --can become overly enthusiastic about their causes, --cynical, -- braggarts, --show-off, --mistrustful, --materialistic, --short-sighted, --tendency towards promiscuity, --pompous, --restless, --spendthrift, --brazen, and selfish.

-faced with usually being the center of attention.
-life for these people is both fascinating and amusing.
-lovers of travel they may be chasing the sun, for they seem to come alive under its rays.
-capable of being quite the heroic people chasing not only their dreams but glory as well.
-there is a need felt to discover new places whether shopping malls or restaurants, and be the first to report them to their friends.
-may work well with their associates, please their superiors, and succeed quite early in life.
-known for their strutting and showing off in front of people.
-gets the most out of each minute and hour.
-always at odds with authority which is not surprising since they are not afraid to speak their mind.
-criticism sensitive.
-find peace/prosperity rather illusive.
-loves a challenge and usually makes it a personal one seeking the glory that goes with success.
-wants to do the best possible for their friends.
-gravitate towards education and the teaching profession.
-if a religious type, they may become preachers.
-enthusiastic as well as having their own opinions about most things in life.
-can at times be not only aggressive but caustic and sarcastic when dealing with others.
-able to handle bad times as they would good and being courageous about it either way.
-sorry and surprised when foot ends in mouth.
-enjoys the company of others but can work well alone if need be.
-even though good as teachers, they do have things to learn about being more insightful.
-is able to feel enormous devotion and loyalty in their friendships with others.

-one of the more active signs when it comes to enjoyment of sex in which they can be quite creative.
-can be very forgiving, but don't cross or a good "chewing-out" might be your reward.
-a whirlwind at getting things done while being one of those outgoing people we all appreciate.
-likes to do her own thing and is rather good at doing it.
-is very likely to be the one on time when meeting another and also willing to shoulder more than her share of a burden when confronted with a problem.
-would not put up with inefficiency on the job site or a house out of control on the home front.

-might be promiscuous? True.
-one of the more active signs when it comes to enjoyment of sex in which they can be adventurous and full of fun and nonsense.
-being overconfident may take on more than can be delivered.
-everything that can be done to promote the family will be done.
-is not a simple person but one who has many things going with him chasing in many directions at once.
-being a rather traditional conservative parent, they may come across an rather authoritative as a parent.
-things are always happening around this personality which makes life not only interesting but exciting.
-in some occupations this one can be really daring and even at times extraordinary.
-independence is high on his agenda, but he is earnest about his family and will be generous with them.
-when necessity dictates the action, is capable of walking away from a bad domestic situation or love affair and begin all over again.
-mood swings may not be unusual for this sign.

-gets on well with faithful Ox as well as Snake.
-Dragons bring them opportunities and sometime lucky breaks.
-(Cats) Rabbits, other Roosters, or Pigs are not the best soul-mates for this sign.
-does gets on best with Horses, as well as Rats for lovers or friends.
-should stay very clear of Monkeys, and the Goat is too much for the Rooster to understand.
-in business, the best fit would be a partnership with Dragon or Tiger.

Roosters hold Yang energy.

So goes the life of a Rooster.

Famous people who were born during the year of the Rooster:
Christina Aguilera, Steve Allen, Jennifer Aniston, Marc Anthony (Muniz), Alexis Arquette, Lisa Hartman Black, Janet Blair, Chastity Bono, Carol Burnett, Lisa Nicole Carson, Princess Caroline, James Carville, Eric Clapton, Geena Davis, Dom DeLuise, Bo Derek, Michael Douglas, Michael Dukakis, Joyce Elders, Gloria Estefan, Jerry Falwell, John Glenn, Benny Goodman, Robert Goulet, Anne Heche, Naomi Judd, Carolin Kennedy, Nancy Kerrigan, Brett Favre, Goldie Hawn, Midori Ito(ice-skater), Quincy Jones, Diane Keaton, Larry King, Matt Lauer, Spike Lee, John Lithgow, Lyle Lovett, John Lovitz, Cheech Marin, Matthew McConaughey, Glenn Miller, Van Morrison, Donny Osmond, Matthew Perry, Regis Philbin, Prince Philip, Natalie Portman (Queen Amidala in Phantom Menace), Priscilla Presley, Rob Reiner, Joan Rivers, Diane Sawyer, Carly Simon, Sinbad, Christian Slater, Emmitt Smith, Suzanne Somers, Gwen Stefani, Pete Townshend, Margaret Truman, Cicely Tyson, Henry Winkler, Neil Young, and Renee Zellweger.

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