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stamp issued by Beijing

Are you ready to face the Pig personality?


Boar or Pig
2007 ……………………………………………… 2008
Jan. 31, 1995- Feb. 18, 1996
Feb. 13, 1983- Feb. 1, 1984
Jan. 27, 1971- Feb. 14, 1972
Feb. 8, 1959- Jan. 28, 1960
Jan. 22, 1947- Feb. 10, 1948
Feb. 4, 1935- Jan. 24, 1936
Feb. 16, 1923- Feb. 5, 1924

So you were born during The Year Of The Pig. Actually this is the sign of simple honesty, strength, and courage. You probably notice how easily money comes your way. That is because you are not afraid of hard work, and that's the way of the world. Being a Pig this idea about work came to you quite naturally. If another is looking for a true-blue friend, they should look no further because here you are, sensitive, uncomplicated, and sincere. Like the Goat you are also on the innocent and naοve side of understanding.

When a Pig makes a promise, it is kept. They can also do well in the gift department. A Pig will want to show their affection in simple ways like little gifts to those they love. Of course one must watch out for these "simple, uncomplicated" folk because they will also use their friends by helping themselves if you have an open-bar or refrigerator.

What the Pig must watch out for are those who would trick him. They are easily deceived and/or manipulated. "No." is a hard thing for a Pig to say. An over-generous nature maybe a problem for this animal sign.

After researching the literature and gathering the information, the following appears to be what the authorities in the field of Chinese astrology, even the best, which I think is Suzanne White, think about the Pig.

--chivalrous, -- gallant, --bright, --obliging, --scrupulous, -- tolerant, --charming, -- a leader in correctness, --nobility, --purity, -- trustworthy,,-- naive, --innocent, --confident, --defenseless --very honest, self-reliant, --outgoing, --loyal, --warm-hearted, --impartial, --up-front.

--may bounce between extremes, i.e. sometimes stingy while other times too giving, --competitive, -- has temper, --down-to-earth, --easily conned, --overly the pacifist, --self-indulgence, --extravagant, ---gullible, --too forgiving.

-are very popular with many friends and loves to party.
-have friends that are like themselves, rather on the calm and non-violent side and will shun the trouble-makers.
-are quick with their charity.
-find that money gravitates their way without too much effort.
-make good companions and are the only ones (aside from the Monkey) who can resist a Snake's charm.
-can be intellectuals, who may read a lot and are captured by a fantasy life in which to dream of themselves as heroes or heroines.
-are romantic and are good lovers.
-find everything beautiful and the world wonderful when in love.
-are materialists who live well and are often a sensualist.
-show a face of sweet reasonableness which hides a person of strong willpower and authority.
-hate to quarrel or confront, and this negates good discussions sometimes leaving them poor conversationalists.
-have a strong sense of duty and will stick to promises once made.
-make good collectors of everything from music, antiques, recipes, to books or old toys.
-can work at any job including being fine poets, writers, or work involving money and finance.

-believing the best about people, may know the feelings of being a victim.
-security a major priority in her thinking.
-doesn't hold with the "pursuit" game in finding her man and would feel better pursued.
-is extremely considerate of friends and will sacrifice themselves for their loved ones.
-loves to make presents for friends and organize parties.
-makes good hostesses as well as good mothers.
-will have friends for life.
-are prone to marital strife.

-to discribe him is like a Boy Scout reciting his pledge.
-may be super sensitive and double so with criticism.
-mostly great sympathizers if you happen to have problems and are most willing to apply themselves to solving it.
-has imagination and are great story-tellers and jokers.
-slow and gently steady around women does work successfully for an easy score.
-good with domestic situations and will fight to keep it all in tact.
-should watch themselves around alcohol.

Socially Pigs:
-should avoid marrying other Boars, but instead try a good reliable Rabbit (Cat).
-find it a good idea to stay away from Snakes unless the Pig is into being a servant.
-discover Tigers as the best for the Pig.
-and Rats make good friends for this personality.
-feel that Monkeys are problems.
-have few difficulties with Ox and Dragon.
-also get along well with Roosters (although communication is not that great) and Dogs.
-the Horse does not have all the patience needed for the Pig.
-Goats are not bad marriage partners, but will also take unfair advantage of Pigs.

Such is the life of a Pig…..

Famous people born during the year of the Pig: Bryan Adams, Woody Allen, Christina Applegate, Rosanna Arquette, Bryan Adams, Johnny Bench, Linda Blair, Diahann Carroll, Hillary Clinton, Glenn Close, Billy Crystal, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ted Dansen, Morton Dean, Shannen Doherty, Bob Dole, Phil Donahue, Richard Dreyfuss, Minnie Driver, Roger Ebert, Duke Ellington, Farrah Fawcett, Corey Feldman, Steve Forbes, Danny Glover, Tenzin Gyatso, Scott Hamilton, Ernest Hemingway, Judd Hirsch, Allan Houston, Elton John, Charles Johnson, Magic Johnson?, Carl Jung, Val Kilmer, Stephan King, Henry Kissinger, Kevin Kline, Dalai Lama, David Letterman, Keith Lockhart (Boston Pops), Joe Mantegna, Rickey Martin, John McEnroe, Ewan McGregor(actor), Ed McMahon, Debra Messing, Judd Nelson, Renee O'Conner(Xena side-kick), Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jerry Orback(ice cream?), Marie Osmond, Luciano Pavarotti, David Hyde Pierce, Mackenzie Philips, Elvis Presley, Nancy Reagan, Leah Rmini, Winona Ryder, Pete Sampras, Carlos Santana, Monica Seles, Jaclyn Smith, Kevin Spacey, Steven Spielberg, Sharon Stone, Madeleine Stowe, Picabo Street, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Thompson, Randy Travis, Tracy Ullman, Kelli Williams, James Woods, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson.

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