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Are you ready to learn of the Snake's personality?
stamp issued by Beijing.



Snake years: February 4, 1905 to January 24, 1906
January 23, 1917 to February 10, 1918
February 10,1929 to Janury 9, 1930
February 14, 1953 to February 2, 1954
February 2, 1965 to January 20, 1966
February 18, 1977 to February 6, 1978
February 6, 1989 to January 26, 1990

So you were born during The Year Of The Snake. Down through the years Snakes have had a certain reputation. Man has described them as being seductive, cunning, and especially beguiling. Yes, Snakes are that and much much more. If there is a thinker among the animals of the zodiac, it is the Snake. Think of all the things an intellectual might enjoy…. good books, great music, a varied cuisine, interesting friends and a variety in life-styles. Most assuredly, all may be in the mind of snakes.

Blessed with a natural gift for learning, good judgement comes easily to the Snake along with being able to set sensible goals. The Snake is more than likely successful in what they undertake. Granted, Snakes are rather secretive about certain things, but then so are Rats and some other signs. One thing they are good at is making an impressive showing and sometimes ending up a leader in control of business, politics, or some other major operation.

After researching the literature and gathering the information, the following appears to be what the authorities in the field of Chinese astrology, even the best, which I think is Suzanne White, think about the Snake.

--wise, -- cultivating, --cerebral, --accommodating, --intuitive, --attractive, --amusing, --lucky, --sympathetic, --elegant, --soft-spoken, --well-bred, --compassionate, --philosophical, --calm , -- decisive

--vain, --high tempered, --ostentatious, --stingy, --sore losers, --tight-fisted, --extravagant, --presumptuous, --possessive, --vengeful, --self-critical, --phlegmatic, --lazy, --fickle

THEY ALSO ARE: -possessors of a great sense of humor.
-alluring and seductive beyond what one would expect or believe.
-graceful and rarely surprised or out of control of themselves.
-attractive and handsome while sexy and mysterious.
-great at elaborating and exaggerating while embellishing their stories.
-admires money and fondly assumes that some will surely come their way.
-work is low on their things that life is all about.
-could enjoy writing for are patient with detail and descriptions.
-slow to react to problems or trouble and cooperative when surprises take place.
-great as judges.
-mystical and canny bordering on the supernatural.
-have a sixth sense about the unknown.
-nervous people who are always testing the environment for danger.
-found at top of their professions.

-is most likely lucky with beauty and wisdom.
-most always well turned out and beautiful.
-great dressers even down to their accessories.
-will follow fashions dress well and be stylish.
-the marrying kind will need large space for all the things to keep up with their appearance.
-possible to live without ever going into the kitchen.
-keeps things to herself and demands their own privacy.
-has expensive tastes.
-likes society for that is where all her admirers reside.
-actually are quite familiar with combat between females and know their way around the double-cross.
-losing is their idea of the worst that life has to offer.
-always interested in sex and are great in bed.

-romantic and charming.
-has good looks and dresses well.
-makes an excellent partner and/or mate.
-actually interested in others and good in social work.
-likes women to be intelligent, talented, vaguely helpless, and supremely decorative.
-full of surprises and may be disturbed by jealousy and possessiveness.
-hates it when bested by a female especially his own.

Socially they:
-may see life as their stage to display their wares upon.
-jealously guard their territory and possessions.
-successful in areas requiring good clear thinking.
-may practice a double standard, one for themselves and one for all others.
-can be very flirtatious.
-Snakes are good with Pigs, Roosters, and Dragons.
-Tigers are too much to handle.
-Dog and Pig merely put up with Snake.
-business done with Horse partner or Dragon would work.
-either Cat(Rabbit) or Rat will also work with Snake.
-watch self around the Pig--- the enemy may be closer than you think.
-Cock (Rooster) or Ox are your best signs.

So goes the life of the Snake.

Famous people born in the year of the Snake:
Tim Allen, Fiona Apple, Ed Asner, Dan Aykroyd, Burt Bacharach, Kim Basinger, Oksana Baiul, Tony Blair, Ed Bradley, Amy Brenneman, Beau Bridges, Sandra Bullock, Mary Matalin-Carville, Princess Christina (Spain), Dick Clark, Chick Corea, Patti (Reagan) Davis, Neil Diamond, Robert Downey Jr., Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Jami Gertz, Kathie Lee Gifford, Teri Hatcher, Stephen Hawking, Keith Hernandez, Elizabeth Hurley, Jesse Jackson Jr., Ann Landers, Cindy Lauper, Martin Lawrence, Abraham Lincoln, Chen Lu(ice-skater), Stephon Marbury, Dennis Miller, Robert Mitchum, Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Perry, Roseanne, Gloria Reuben, Pete Rose, J.K. Rowling, William Safire, Charlie Sheen, Brook Shields, Alicia Silverstone, David Spade, Lesley Stahl, Princess Stephanie, Martha Stewart, Ben Stiller, Liv Tyler, Abigal Van Burean, James Van Der Beek, Diane Warwick, George Will, Robin Williams, and Katarina Witt.

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