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page-23 Year of the Red Fire Dog

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Quester's True Love was born in the year of The Goat! However, that sign was for 2003. Now we begin 2006 and will wake up to the Red Fire Dog and deal with that. Fortunately, it is a lucky sign.


According to the Chinese zodiac, this is the Year of the Dog, or Year 4704, and the Chinese New Year is most welcome.

So it's goodbye to the Year of the Rooster, supervisor of the night, and hello to the Year of Dog, the guardian of man kind and sign of faithfulness.

Because the Dog is a bit of a worrier and suffers from anxiety, it's not a good year to be over-extended financially. The occurrence of natural disasters and alterations in the environmental status quo, brought on by earth shifts and changes, plus new policies from governments to reduce the effects of pollution and mankind's impact on the world, will transform economies drastically (in some countries). It's best then, in the Fire Dog year, not to overextend your credit and to look after long term planning for yourself in the future. This revolves around the state of the world's weather, as well as long term climate change.

The Dog character in Chinese is one of what is called the 'Stars of the Arts'. This indicates that great academic achievements are possible this year, as well as issues around the role of humanity, so new knowledge about humanity will come to light. Illumination of mankind will be an important outcome from this knowledge and we will all benefit. Discovery of new truths about ourselves is very possible, especially related to our past on the earth. Since fire rules illumination and the earth is our home, many new truths will surface about the origins of mankind this year. The much touted connection between science and religion (or spirituality) will be made very clear this year and bring us a revolution in science and its place in the world.

The Horse, Tiger, and Rabbit will have a good year this year. They are very well suited to a Dog Year. All industries related to the wood element, like paper, magazines, books, fashion, textiles and fancy furniture will thrive. Construction industry, real estates and interior designing will flourish. On the other hand in areas like insurance, hotels, mining, chemicals, heavy metal industries, etc. there could actually be decline in business itself, with cut throat competition ruining everything. Industries linked to the water element like shipping, drinks and communications will manage to maintain the last year’s tempo. The electronic and petroleum industries will expand greatly. The TV and movie industries will see quite a lot of troubles by way of legal disputes, lawsuits, high interest loans, untimely deaths of personalities and violent clashes. Educational and constitutional reforms will be started in many countries.

This Year of the Dog is composed of two elements, as is normal in the Chinese zodiac. Each animal has its own element – the Dog is an animal ruled by Earth. The yearly quality moves through the Chinese Five Elements every ten years, so this year is a Fire Dog year. It's Fire burning on top with the Earth underneath. The last time we had a Fire and Earth Dog year was 1946 at the end of World War Two, the first year of peace and recovery. The United Nations General Assembly had its first meeting in London in 1946 and elected its Secretary General. The verdicts of the Nuremberg Trials were first handed down and many Nazi war criminals condemned to death. Leaders of many world governments stepped down as the war ended and new leaders took their place – France, Argentina, Italy, Albania, Hungary, Japan, Sarawak and Czechoslovakia all experienced changes in leadership and status. Hopefully the same will happen in South and Central America this coming year for they are presently leaning a little far left.

Being born under the year of the Dog means the person is a very trustworthy. What about our world leaders? Expect great debates about the role of mankind and our combined impact on the natural world to reach peaks in 2006. The billions of people on our earth make the future look dim. Something should be done to encourage less children per family and more care to keep down new babies. Many people will make changes in their lifestyles under this influence to help save the planet. Expect more environmental shifts in government policies forced by people pressure. It's to be expected then that there will be more cooperation among countries this year, aimed at setting up an effective system for the protection of global interests, such as resolving environmental conflicts, global warming issues, religious differences and the prevention of disease. The ongoing debate about the Kyoto Treaty may be resolved in 2006.

1946 was the last Dog year. What was done? In the scientific fields, the Atomic Energy Commission was formed. The US Navy tested the first atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll. Pilotless missiles were first tested and constructed en masse. Admiral Byrd took his famous expedition to the South Pole. Sun spots were found to emit radio waves and the first electronic brain computer was built in the USA.

Dog is a Fire sign. With the Fire sitting on top of Earth, according to the Chinese cycle of birth and destruction, Fire will give birth to Earth. This is more a symbol of support and harmony and may bring a relatively more peaceful year with less international conflicts than in the past few years. Fire sitting on top in 2006 is yang Fire, which is like the Sun. It symbolises openness, optimism, warmth, politeness and care. There can, therefore, be more open and honest peace talks and settlements, leading to a more harmonious atmosphere, which has been lacking for many years.

The Fire Dog is very socially conscious of rights and wrongs, so we can expect that this coming year will bring a strong focus on injustices in the world, on political policies that are wrong and the ordinary person will be more questioning of their leaders and their leaders' decisions. Issues over the war in Iraq for example and any possible invasion of Iran or North Korea will be strongly contested by public debates; any decisions that the public perceives are done for the wrong reasons will bring much debate and media discussion. Many will throw their principles on the line for what they see as truth in international and national politics. Debates in many countries could be fierce and accompanied by much barking and noise as the Dog exerts its strength in the principles of justice for all..

With Fire over Earth, the earth can be strengthened, but if it gets out of balance we'll have the earth erupting, so expect many great fires, the eruption of volcanoes (fire in the earth) earthquakes, landslides, explosions due to earth causes or perhaps to fossil fuels, and other influences emanating from the earth that can upset the balance of the environment. Many environmental issues could come to a head this year as our consciousness of the connections between our economic system and the world's climate become clearer.

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