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This is the page with your animal signs.

stamp issued by Beijing.


1994 February 10 to January 30, 1995
1982 January 25 to February 12, 1983
1970 February 6 to January 26, 1971
1958 February 16 to February 8, 1959
1946 February 2 to January 22, 1947
1934 February 14 to February 4, 1935
1922 January 28 to February 16, 1923
1910 February 10 to January 30 1911

So you chose to be born in the Year Of The Dog, did you? Well that bodes well for your personality. It is true what they say about dogs being loyal and trustworthy. Now there are those who would take issue with the thought that we chose when to be born and then there are those who believe we even chose our mothers. Well, be that as it may, those born in the Dog years are way ahead of the game for they have many of the characteristics we tend to associate with the canine species, namely the ability to maintain good friendships as well as sticking by those they chose as special.

If another has trouble along the way you are the kind who will roll up your sleeves and lend a hand. In fact you may even be enthusiastic about clearing away whatever the problem may be. When you believe in something, whether a friend or an idea such as a social cause, you will give much of yourself to see that something is done for you see the whole picture easier than others and have a sense of responsibility about doing something to alleviate the situation. If this gets you in the way of other's criticism, so be it.

According to that well-know authority, Suzanne White, there are positive as well as negative characteristics of the Dog personality. STRENGTHS: honest and rather good at working well with others; they are known to be generous, magnanimous, courageous, noble, devoted, attentive, selfless, modest, altruistic, prosperous, philosophical, respectable, discreet, dutiful, lucid, and intelligent.

See how you dogs are blessed? You knew what you were doing when you reincarnated this time around.

WEAKNESSES: disquiet, guarded, introverted, defensive, critical, pessimistic, forbidding, cynical, stubborn, moralizing, and sometimes selfish.

There, that doesn't seem to be so bad now does it? Seems like you are on very stable ground here. What do you think? Well there are a few little tid-bits of information that might tie-up some loose ends about this category of the Oriental zodiac.

IT HAS ALSO been observed:
-dogs are uneasy, seem to be on the lookout for whatever might be unkind to mankind, sort of "guard-dog duty as their responsibility.

-great thing about dogs, not very self-seeking and perfectly willing to share their successes.

-alert might be their watchword… they do see, hear, and sense more than others around them.

-if there are problems lurking in back or foreground, they want to be involved.

-hypocrisy is not to their liking and they do stick by what they believe even if it means putting reputation on the line.

- fairness and justice are built within their thinking and evaluating processes.

-perspective may be rather limited if not fully aware of total situation.

-capable of very precise planning for the future as well as for the present.

-may find it hard to be subtle about anything.

-Don't look for dogs on the forefronts of new and outrageous movements.

-not stingy, but they are careful with what they have.

-might be pessimistic in certain circumstances.

-other's joy and happiness is contagious for them.

-aways alert to problems and troubles, they may take an avid interest in other's battles.

-there are those who would take advantage of the Dog's nature and this person should be aware of that.

-we find that Horses and Dogs do well together since Dog is truly a good side-kick to have.

-can also do well with (CAT-RABBIT and Monkey and the smart Pig.

-conflict between Rat and Dog and Dragons are not usually expected.

-there is discomfort with Goats and Roosters.

-it may be that Tigers are best bet for true friendship.

-not usually concerned with material "things" and may be generous with others

-going into business with a Horse may be the best bet for success

-children of Dogs can always depend upon attention and a lot of it.

-best bet for marriage-- the Tiger or Horse, but be wary of Dragons.

Famous people born in the year of the Dog:
Hank Aaron, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Andre Agassi, Rex Allen, Loni Anderson, Julie Andrews, David Arquette, Rosanna Arquette, Tom Arnold, Kevin Bacon, Scott Bairstow, Alex Baldwin, Annette Bening, Candice Bergen, Jessica Biel, Josie Bissett, Pat Boone, David Bowie, Jimmy Buffett, George W. Bush, Naomi Campbell, Tisha Campbell, Drew Carey, Mariah Carey, Charisma Capenter, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Diahann Carroll, Steve Case, Cher, Connie Chung, President Bill Clinton, Jacques Cousteau, Jane Curtin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tyne Daly, Matt Damon, Bob Denver, Minnie Driver, Bob Dole, Sam Donaldson, Patty Duke, Kirsten Dunst, Barbara Eden, Sally Field, Farrah Fawcett, Corey Feldman, Sarah Ferguson, Geraldine Ferraro, Joseph Fiennes, Steve Forbes, Barbara Bel Geddes, Heather Graham, Arlo Guthrie, Tonya Harding, Scott Hamilton, Emmylou Harris, Ethan Hawke, Scott Hamilton, Florence Henderson, Ricky Henderson, Gregory Hines, Holly Hunter, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Magic Johnson?, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jack Kemp, Stephen King, Tara Kipinski, Henry Kissinger, Kevin Kline, Charles Kuralt, Queen Latifah, David Letterman, Jeremy Licht, Peggy Lipton, Nia Long, Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Loren, David Lynch, Shirley MacLaine, Johnnie Mathis, John McEnroe, Madonna, George McGovern, Barry Manilow, Marcel Marceau, Garry Marshall, Liza Minnelli, Andrea Mitchell, Tommy Moe, Dudley Moore, Gary Oldman, Marie Osmond, Michael Ovitz, Dolly Parton, Luciano Pavarotti, Michelle Pfeiffer, Regis Philbin, River Phoenix, Eve Plumb, Sydney Pollack, Natalie Portman, Dan Quayle, Prince Rainier, Michael Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Carl Reiner, Jason Robards, Tim Robbins, Laurance Rockefeller, Linda Ronstadt, Nolan Ryan, Gabriela Sabatini, Carl Sagen, Carlos Santana, Susan Saradon, Norman Schwarzkopf, Charles Schulz, Susan Sarandon, Willard Scott, Rick Schroder, Suzanne Somers, Will Smith, Britney Spears, Sylvester Stallone, Ken Starr, Picabo Street, Sharon Stone, Donald Sutherland, Mother Teresa, Emma Thompson, Ulma Thurman, Cheryl Tiegs, Pam Tillis, Donald Trump, Tanya Tucker, Robert Urich, Vince Vaughn, Kurt Vonnegut, John Waters, and Prince William.

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