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Ah yes, the great Horse sign.

stamp issued by Beijing.



Horse years: 2002----------------2003 1990 January 27 to February 14, 1991
1978 February 7 to January 27, 1979
1966 January 21 to February 9, 1967
1954 February 3 to January 24, 1955
1942 February 15 to February 5, 1943
1930 January 30 to February 17, 1931
1918 February 11 to February 1, 1919

Horses are special. So you were born during the Year Of The Horse and now you know how lucky you are for it is true. You are special. All the authorities seem to agree on Horses being pleasant to be around and easy to like. With their independent nature they do go their own way and seem to have an easy time in persuading others to "come along for the ride".

Horses are not afraid of work and carry it forth with a gusto all their own usually smiling all the while as though they have their own little secrets about it all. It helps to have the energy to carry on with their endeavors and they seem have it in excess. Perhaps because of their industry and labor, money is never their big problem. Stepping on others with those ever pumping legs and grandiose ideas may get them in trouble for they do have high opinions of their worth and place in the total scheme of things.

Authorities in the area of Chinese zodiacs such as Suzanne White write about the positive and negative sides of HORSES:

STRENGTHS: amiable, eloquent, skillful, self-possessed, quick-witted, athletic, entertaining,, charming,, independent, powerful, hard-working, jolly, sentimental, frank, and sensual.

WEAKNESSES ARE: (yes, there are some) try selfish, weak, hotheaded, ruthless, rebellious, pragmatic, foppish, tactless, impatient, and some times rather unfeeling and would you believe predatory?

-Horses are EXTREMELY popular, when those strengths begin kicking in.
-Being symbols of success from hard work, they glory in their independence and you better not interfere with it or they lose their amiability. -Yes, with talent and energy they run their course with the finish line and being there always in doubt, however, they feel the struggle is worth it..
-Ideas of innate superiority float around the minds of some Horses while others merely feel sorry for others who can't see the world that they find so exciting..
-Obeying orders is alright as long as the inclination is there to do so. Question. What is a quirt?
-When the "request" matches what the Horse agrees with, no problem for the Horse who will do the request with his own style of grace and conspicuous-ness read as "flagrant"..
-Must believe in project or plan before support is given to it.
-Not afraid to leave an unfriendly environment and will not think it necessary to explain.
-Doing nothing and not being productive makes them uncomfortable. -Believes that dress is but a costume that can be attractive and worn as a decorative cover.
-Don't become non-communicative with the Horse for they feel this as an affront to their intelligence.
-Good at figuring things out, but not that good at collecting the evidence and presenting it to others.
-Beginning new activities such as projects is exciting for the Horse.

Other characteristics:

-With some projects they do suddenly lose interest and leave it behind for something else.
-Possessive and sensual lover.
-Self-drive is a protection even when a losser in love.
-Does well with Goats, Tigers, and Dogs for lovers along with Roosters, Cats and Rats for friends.
-Bad with Pigs and Oxen.
-Should steer clear of Monkeys too wily for sensitive soul of Horse.
-Snakes being cool, cool, cool, do get on with Horses, but not Dragons for they are impatient.
-Should stay away from Dragons and other Horses when in business.
-Deeply sentimental over family affection still can tolerate little interference in own life.
-They should marry a Tiger or a Dog early but never a Rat.

Famous people born in the year of the Horse:
Troy Aikman, Muhammad Ali, Tim Allen, Neil Armstrong, George Beimers(educator-poet), William Brennan, Jim Belushi, Lara Flynn Boyle, Christie Brinkley, Dean Cain (Superman), Jackie Chan, Elvis Costello, Cindy Crawford, John Cusak, Peter DeLuise, John Denver, Beverly D'Angelo, Sandra Dee, Barry Diller, Matt Drudge, Robert Duvall, Clint Eastwood, Linda Evans, Chris Evert, Carlos Fassi, Larry Flynt, Harrison Ford, Betty Ford, Annette Funicello, Robin Givens, Frank Gifford, Billy Graham, Matt Groening, Don Ho, Bruce Hornsby, Ron Howard, John Irving, Janet Jackson, James Joyce, Garrison Keillor, Calvin Klein, Cloris Leachman, G. Gordon Liddy, Patty Loveless, Julianna Margulies, Paul McCartney, Sinead O'Connor, Robin Wright Penn, Stone Phillips, Stefanie Powers, Dennis Quaid, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rene Russo, Johnny Rivers, Rene Russo, J.D.Salinger, David Schwimmer, Martin Scorsese, Jamie Shea, George Soros (billionaire), Mickey Spillane, Jerry Seinfeld, Barabara Streisand, Keifer Sutherland, John Travolta, Mike Wallace, Tom Weiskopf, Andy Warhol, Denzel Washington, Andy Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Katarina Witt, and Yanni.

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