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stamp issued by Beijing.



Tiger Years: 1998 January 28 to February 15, 1999
1986 February 9 to January 28, 1987
1974 January 23 to February 10, 1975
1962 February 5 to January 25, 1963
1950 February 17 to February 6, 1951
1938 January 31 to February 19, 1939
1926 February 13 to February 2, 1927
1914 January 26 to February 14, 1915

Born in the Year Of The Tiger were you? Well, that will give you more strengths than weaknesses. What's the first thing you think of when it comes to tigers? They are beautiful creatures who give off an aura of magnificence and strength, right? Yes, you being a Tiger personality gives a measure of aggressiveness to your behavior. People view you as confident and self-assured. Perhaps this is where your luck comes from for it is easy to see where life would be easy for such as you.

One thing about Tigers, they never suffer from boredom or lack of things to do. They are capable of doing many types of jobs and with their charm and positive attitude will gravitate toward the top in whatever profession they select. Those who throw their lot in with you will share in your luck. They will also appreciate what a solid friend they have in you.

Most Chinese astrology authorities, such as the very prolific writer Suzanne White (who I secretly think is a Tiger herself) say the following things about this animal sign:


hugely generous, -- well-mannered, -- courageous, -- self-confident, -- strong-minded, -- leaders, -- protectors, -- honorable, -- noble, --active, -- liberal-minded, -- magnetic, --strong, --authoritative, -- sensitive, -- deep-thinking, -- passionate, -- venerable, as well as candid.

With strengths like those, who would mind a few weaknesses?


undisciplined, -- uncompromising, -- vain, -- rash, -- loves it on the edge of danger, -- disobedient, -- hotheaded, -- stubborn, --disrespectful of rules, and at times rather quarrelsome.

-Trying to keep up with a Tiger may be fruitless. They are light-footed to the extreme seemingly everywhere and always gone to someplace new.
-One of the most intriguing people to be around. Their antics are outrageous and they don't mind being the center of attention at all.
-They are willing to risk it all to do what they want to do and may be foolhardy in the bargain.
-Tigers love to fight the system.
-Courageous and candid they are nice to have around as friends.
-Expect a Tiger to be not only generous but concerned about the other person as part of their disposition.
-Represents nature awakening and they do have a tendency to call forth the "spirited" nature of those around them. If they were gardeners, they would have "green" thumbs.
-Being a yang sign they represent action, force, drive, and determination.
-Difficult to keep down, Tigers are fighters.
-Not that great as marriage partners but there will never be a dull moment while the marriage lasts. Their love making will be laced with creativity and adventure and be a rather intense activity.
-Could illustrate self-destructive tendencies and must guard against accidents.
-Job performance comes easy since Tigers are capable workers and can do most things better than average.
-Boredom is the Tiger's great enemy. Shifting environments or anything connected with change the Tiger encourages.
-Tigers do take orders, but is more comfortable giving them. They do make good leaders and look out for those working or serving under them.

Tiger woman:

-Are more than a match for any man.
-Captivating, amusing and sexy. covers most of the description of female Tigers. Yes, they are alluring, as one might expect.
-Attracting men has never been a problem, but they are independent and sometimes shows possessiveness in what they consider their "property". Still, one couldn't label them materialistic nor grasping.
-Doesn't need the usual security devices that others may desire. -natural gift for handling others that could be defined as controlling.
-Not much on explaining self or actions.
-Is disturbed by the very thought of ever becoming totally dependent on any one else.
-It would not be exaggerating to say that the Tigress is at her best in the bedroom.
Small talk or silly chit-chat is not for the Tiger lady. She wants quality conversation or don't waste her time.
-Speaking of time, she does demand time for periods of deep thought without interruption.

Tiger men:

-Can be feisty as a personality and makes a good fighter, hunter, soldier, or even chairman of the board.
-Doesn't need a whole lot of attention and stay away from his favorite "playthings".
-Independence is what the male Tiger seeks above all else.
-Tweak his imagination and he'll follow you anywhere.
-With a feeling of being just naturally superior, he could be on the bossy side if given the opportunity.
-Without much of a preface or dilly-dallying, the hot and passionate Tiger takes on lovemaking like a personal challenge and can spend hours "satisfying" his mate.

Friends and lovers?
-Tigers find the clock a tiresome thing and can not be depended upon to be clock-watchers or on time.
-Those who would ask for understanding of their weaknesses from Tigers would do better talking in the wind.
-Having a high level of endurance and courage, Tigers have little understanding for those who are weak or cowardly.
-They like Horses because of their strength of character fighting adversity and wanting to triumph over anything like bad luck..
-Dragons bring wisdom and love and good counsel into their relationships.
-Dogs are not bad since they will live in Tiger's shadow and Tiger will give Dogs high honor which Dog loves. They make the very best friends and/or lovers.
-Loyalty is essential, this the Dog has in abundance.
-Monkey is too unpredictable and may beguile only for awhile.
-Snakes and Cats are to well-behaved for Tiger.
-Pigs are amused by Tigers but will be taken advantage of and Rats are not suitable at all, for they will interfere with one's life-style.
-Oxen will try to destroy Tiger as will other Tigers.
-Goats and Roosters can be friends but will not be taken seriously -In business Dragons are wiser than Tigers, equally strong and courageous, Dragons are not foolhardy whereas Tigers are.
-Will give up money for power.
-Tiger should never team up with Monkey for one is straight-up honest while the other is crafty and may use guile.
-Goats have the kind of longevity in passive resistance exasperating to Tiger.
-Tiger parents should not have Ox children nor Snake or Goat.

They should look to the Horse or Dog for the best match of friendship. Beware the Monkey.

And so it goes for the Tiger....

Famous people born in the year of the Tiger:
Paula Abdul, Kirstie Alley, Tracy Austin, Christian Bale, Tony Bennett, Matthew Broderick, Garth Brooks, Mel Brooks, Patrick J. Buchanan, Leonard Di Caprio, Jim Carrey, David Cassidy, Roger Clemens, Natalie Cole, Charlotte Church, Joan Cusack, Leonardo DiCaprio, Queen Elizabeth II, Emillo Estevez, Patrick Ewing, Morgan Fairchild, Ralph Fiennes, Jane Fonda, Jodie Foster, Crystal Gayle, Jean-Paul Gaultier (writer), Hugh Hefner, Lauren Holly, Evander Holyfield, Peter Jennings, Derek Jeter, Jon Bon Jovi, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Robbie Knievel, Fran Lebowitz, Rush Limbaugh, Rich Little, Ed Harris, Mariel Hemingway, Christine Lahti, Jay Leno, Jerry Lewis, Heather Locklear, Christopher Lloyd, Ali MacGraw, Leonard Maltin, Marla Maples, Marilyn Monroe, Demi Moore, Alanis Morissette, Kate Moss, Andrew McCarthy, Rosie O'Donnell, Lou Diamond Phillips, Elvis Prestley, Jane Pauley, Randy Quaid, Janet Reno, Meg Ryan, Steven Soderbergh, Cybill Shepherd, Wesley Snipes, Danny Tartabull, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Marlo Thomas, Ted Turner, Al Unser Jr., Jon Voight, Sigourney Weaver, and Richard Widmark.

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