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stamp issued by Beijing.
Are you ready to face the Rabbit/Cat personality?


"Those who are highly evolved maintain an undiscriminating perception. Seeing everything, labeling nothing, they maintain their awareness of the great Oneness. Thus they are supported by it." -Lao-tzu.


Cat or Rabbit years: 1999 February 16 to February 4, 2000
1987 January 29 to February 16, 1988
1975 February 11 to January 30, 1976
1963 January 25 to February 13, 1964
1951 February 6 to January 27, 1952
1939 February 19 to February 8, 1940
1927 February 2 to January 23, 1928
1915 February 14 to February 3, 1916

Born in the Year Of The Cat were you? Ah, the good fortune that must smile upon you! First off you luxuriate in the warm glow of your friends and their love for you. Yes, you do cultivate people, but are very choosy about those you give your time as well as your energy. You do have good taste so your friends are very suitable to your purposes. Since you love to entertain, your friends fit right into your life-style.

Being a Cat you don't wear your heart on your sleeve and usually keep your emotions to your self. Your life is well planned and your living quarters well-kept. Confrontation is not your cup of tea and your first instinct at the sign of trouble is putting distance between it and yourself. You can readily adapt yourself to most situations and so wonder why others aren't more adaptable. People may tend to think of you as timid or shy, but they should be aware of the considerable care you take to study situations in order to better control them. Wary might be the operating word here as in CAUTION.

Much has been written in the area of the Oriental zodiac. The authorities in this field, such as Suzanne White, have drawn a rather singular picture for this particular animal sign. The Chinese are more comfortable with the appellation of RABBIT rather than knowing them as Cats. Some information of what they have gathered follows now.

-a sign that is rather mysterious.
-sometimes thought very fortunate and the luckiest of all signs.
talented and articulate, affectionate, and at times shy, they are questers for peace throughout their life.
-if any of the signs stood for long-life or immortality, it would be the Rabbit.

--tranquil, --good with secrets, on the artistic side, -- refined, -- virtuous, -- social, -- tactful, -- not easily surprised, -- sensitive, mannerly, -- companionable, -- solicitous, -- ambitious, -- gifted, -- forgiving, -- prudent, -- traditional, -- hospitable, and clever.

old-fashioned, -- pedantic, -- thin-skinned, -- devious, -- aloof, -- private, -- dilettantish, -- fainthearted. -- squeamish, and sometimes a serious health nut looking for sympathy from an imagined illness.

Other characteristics of this sign?
-They actively participates in lives of friends and think it quite proper to do so.
-This sign is usually connected with financial prosperity for these individuals are most often successful in the areas of law, politics, and government.
-Relationships with people are top-priority with the Hare and they contribute rather willingly to the success of the situations or projects.
-Rarely fall victim to serious emotional trauma such as nervous breakdowns.
-Maintains stability by wisely skirting issues and recovering their balance no matter what is encountered.
-Not afraid to remove themselves from relationships that are going nowhere and would rather remove themselves than be confrontational.
-Remarkably able to save themselves from risky situations.
-Enjoys the safety of a defendable position.
-Never reveals the full extent of their own emotional feelings.
-Not prepared to show themselves openly hostility or aggressive.
-Rather conventional, conservative, and pretty much favors little change in things.
-Some find these characters deliberately slow at making up their minds for they do take time to deliberate on problems and issues.
-Really hard to know what the Hare is thinking. Their thoughts are well masked and they do well because of this in negotiating deals.
-Interruptions and confusion are not handled very well.
-To work along smoothly in life it would be well to have few problems.
-Disorder is can be a major problem for the Hare.
-Enjoyment is gained from entertaining and socializing. Strangers not necessarily welcome.
-Not exactly shy or timid, they Hare is also not overly rowdy within the group.BR> -Can be a winner in finance with their conservative approach, they can also be creative in their pursuits and innovative in their artistic endeavors.
-Always a willing worker with liberal amounts of energy.
-Interested in the arts and nature, they will oft-times make it their work as well as their play.
-Manners are usually the best and speech will be classy. Has no patience with foul or off-color words. Refinement is a key word in this area .
-Seldom does a Hare (Cat) reveal the inter-sanctum of their soul to another. Discretion is what they live by and they do hold most of themselves back from view.
-Gossip or scheming doesn't interest them.
-Good organizers and they make the perfect boss.
-Applause for their good work is not that important to them and they do have a large measure of self-discipline.
-Fear of traps is a natural for the Hare so be aware that they hate to be closed in or surrounded too tightly.
-High level of compassion for those they love.
-Total commitment is hard since they have more trust in self than in others.
-Steeped in virtue, continually seeking refinement, they look around them and view change as dangerous.
-Mostly independent, aloof, and not very demanding.

WHAT ABOUT THE MALE -FEMALE THING? In mating there are few signs as easy to pair with.
-Females make good managers, fine in the home, and requiring less personal attention than others.
-Rarely complains and can be left alone for long periods, in fact solitude suits them.
-They spend much time preening and emerge sleek and well dressed, and prefer clinging garments as well as basic dresses.

-Are good to wives, sweet to children and adorable to friends.
-Give helping hands to all deserving their loyalty.
-Good at transforming abstract concepts into ordered thought or action.
-Is better at thinking through and organizing projects than carrying them through.
-Not overly preoccupied with fashion yet will always appear well-groomed-loose-fitting garments will be preferred over tight.
-Loves long walks alone or drives for thinking purposes.

-Goats are good with Rabbits as are Dogs, Pigs, and other Rabbits.
-Snakes, Horses, and Monkeys make good companions, but the Rabbit can not stand the Dragon or Rooster.
-Actually Rabbits can get along with about anyone because of their sociability and avoidance of argument.
-Bad in business with testy Tigers, high minded Horses, and dreadful Dragons.
-They are the only ones that can get hard work out of gracious Goats or sagacious Snakes.
-Skillful investors Rabbits also do well with Tigers and Pigs.
-As parents they are reserved and vaguely indifferent.
-Disruptive influences such as children throw Rabbits off their balance.

*Remember a marriage to a Goat (sheep) or Boar is a wise move.
Your opposite member is the Rooster. Be aware!

Famous people born in the year of the Cat/Rabbit:
Casey Affleck, John Andretti, Margaret Atwood, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Beals, Harry Belafonte, Tony Bennett, Denise Biellmann, Asha Blake, Madam Helena P. Blavatsky, Bobby Bonilla, Brian Boitano, Nicolas Cage, Fidel Castro, Mary Higgins Clark, John Cleese, Francis Ford Coppola, Wes Craven, Richard Crenna, Johnny Depp, Albert Einstein, Emilio Estevez, Peter Fonda, Gina Gershon, Harry Hamlin, Mary Hart, David Hasselhoff, Tommy Hilfiger, Li Hongzh, Whitney Houston, Helen Hunt, Enrique Iglesias, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jordon, Alan King, Greg Kinnear, Judith Krantz, Lisa Kudrow, Ralph Lauren, Julian Lennon, Courtney Love, Marla Maples, George Michael, Arthur Miller, Demi Moore, Tracy Nelson, Conan O'Brian, Tatum O'Neal, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jimmy Osmond, George Plimpton, Brad Pitt, Kurt Russell, Fred Savage, Elisabeth Shue, Quentin Tarantino, Niki Taylor, Charlize Theron, Hunter S. Thompson, Lily Tomlin, Lee Trevino, Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Ming-Na Wen, Vanessa Williams, Kate Winslet, Tiger Woods.

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