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Problem Becomes What Is Worth The Quest. Are There Any Good Quests Left Out There For The Serious Quester? Well For Starters, All Quests Should Begin With Self. What Is Our Personality And Character All About?

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The Chinese have a unique way of looking at this problem. Before you are through with browsing this site, perhaps you will find some answers to these questions. Chinese horoscopes? Goodness, what is the modern world coming to?

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If you have dropped in from Quester's Quarters, Gateway To Atlantis- Myth or Fact, you have already been exposed to some rather off-beat ideas and mind-images. That may have either turned you off or left you puzzled, or perhaps you missed those pages. (Take the's worth it!) In that case there is a link coming up that will connect you with Quester's Quarters and that may be worth a visit. These next few pages will draw a closer bead upon the next stage of our look into ancient ideas that keep sounding more and more modern.

And now I want you to meet the one responsible for asking the questions and searching for the answers around this site. By going to any of these links, you'll find pictures of the Quester.

We have finally published two new books that are now available on the net. They are being offered to several movie studios in an open auction for the screenplay rights. Hey, a fellow can dream can't he? Oh YES! And soon they will even be available in hardcover so maybe your favorite library will pick them up. That would be nice!
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These are links to other Quester sites.

Quester's Quarters-- archive of Atlantis myth. Here is a novel approach to Atlantis and it's free.
Quester's Gift From The GodsA rather novel approach to a cowboy and Muse love story with a lively time in Atlantis thrown in for spicy seasoning. (These are first looks at some chapters during publication) See book offer above.
Quester's Territories: novelistic approach revealing a young female SouthSea Islander's love affair when time stood still. The story is part of the second book offered above. It does present a novel way of bringing up youngsters.
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Quester's New Art Gallery.Ever wonder what direction American art is taking? I'm surprised at you! Well, in that case you had better check this site for an indication. Primitive colors? --Yes. Child-like impressions? --Yes. Innocence abroad? --Yes. What is the message? The medium is the message.
Click here to go forward to a Quester's search for the missing Marilyn Monroe diary. Was there one? Is it true she collected dumb blonde jokes? Find out for yourself.
Click here to go forward to a young person's story that again is great reading. This is another book length story by Siang Ying and Quester describing a young Chinese girl growing up so shy in school she doesn't talk. How does a young girl solve her problems? Don't miss how this all takes place.
Quester's joke gallery and humor galore.This is where Playboy and Penthouse get their jokes!
Quester's Territories: Personal Picture Gallery. The inside story: Life and times of a Quester.
Click here to go forward to great reading. This is the beginning of a book by Siang Ying (Quester's Significant Other) describing her childhood growing up on the island of Borneo. Sarawak used to be independent but now is a part of Malaysia.
Quester's FREE tips will have you flying roundtrip overseas for 1/2 airfare or less. Also a page of free things to help build your web-page.

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One of the better experiences I've had recently was comparing Chinese Astrology (their animal Zodiac) with the western astrological signs. Rather a fascinating research experience. I would invite you to take a short excursion into this area by clicking below on the Chinese Astrology page and then selecting the year you were born to see how close the description is to your personality. Be daring. Go ahead. Do it. A few years ago it took Europe by storm. Now you too can get in on the experience. Look up your friends and lovers and see what they are all about.

The western zodiac is based on twelve months, whereas the eastern zodiac is based on twelve years. That's why there are twelve signs in the Chinese Zodiac which represents twelve years. It is based on the twelve new moons with a thirteenth added every twelve years. That may be why the Chinese New Year never arrives on the same date the next year.

Myth has it that Buddha put a call in for all the animals to gather since he had a gift for them. Twelve showed up for his party and these were then used as the guides for the different years. The animals arrived one after the other and the order of their arrival is the same as their order over the twelve year period.

Today Buddha-ism is more attractive as a belief system than ever before to the Western world. Buddhists maintain that the driving force behind most of our behavior is "desire". We are overly occupied with self and see the world through a very narrow window in terms of self and our own mind's comfort. Enlightenment comes when the window is replaced in the mind with a large wide-open doorway revealing all that is outside of the boundaries of our own skin. The believers talk about an Eightfold Path which includes concentration, speech, mind, effort, action, livelihood, will-power, and of course positive attitudes.

Confucius always thought that people with transparent personalities would never see themselves in the mirror of their mind's eye. He saw the world through a window of prism glass that made everything crystal clear if you had a third eye. To such as he, the ways of man becomes obvious and the truth becomes glaringly tedious. But why else would his words live far into the next millennium, i.e. power means never having to respond.

Moral qualities... the virtual reality of your personal essense, ah yes. We all have within us courage, cowardice, purity, selfishness, sweetness, honor, baseness, nobility, love, hate, ferocity, gentleness, fairness, justice, cunning, treachery, magnanimity, cruelty, malice, malignity, lust, mercy, pity, loyalty, falsity, veracity, and untruthfulness. All of these appear in various shades and degrees. The Chinese believe it all comes forth to a greater or lesser extent according to the year we were born manifesting itself as our animal sign.

Here are some more links to pages within this site. They will take you immediately to our book selections and to pages with short-stories. Have a good trip.

Amazon Book Store choices for Chinese astrology including comments.
Room two of Amazon Books surrounding the topic of Chinese horoscopes and the zodiac.
Chinese short stories.

CHINESE ANIMAL SIGNS.......This is the one you've been waiting for. To travel to the year of your birth and locating your animal sign you must go


** When finished, you will get a short but free glimpse of yourself and your partner's character and personality.

We wish to acknowledge the life-long work of Suzanne White in the area of Chinese animal signs. (click picture to get larger one)This work is one of the latest in the field. Information about getting a copy of your own will be presented before you are finished with your trip into Chinese astrology. Without the many books of this famous authority, the field of Chinese astrology, as interpreted to the Western world, would be sparse indeed. There will be opportunities after you visit our sites to go directly to Suzanne White's homepage and see her latest contributions in this area. Watch for links to her homepage along the way.

Perhaps you would like to evaluate information concerning the yin/yang principles.Click here for that page.

Ideas are always the starting point for any good adventure. With the world as a platform, we enter stage right, seek our destiny, follow our Tao, and fulfill our roles as worthy actors while wondering who wrote the script. What's fun and amusing is how often we ad-lib, thinking we are original when our role has been played so many times before and most often by ourselves. Are we really even following a script written at the beginning of time by an All-knowing Life-force or is our behavior and outcomes totally our doing and our responsibility? Are we free and spontaneous as we would like to believe? Predestination or complete independence? Looking for the truth of that question becomes part of our quest.

In case you missed the links to our pages on this site up above, here they are again.

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Click here for short Chinese stories on page 3.

Yes, we've written a great book using some classical Chinese stories.

Perhaps it would interest you to see the book of classical Chinese stories that were co-authored by my spouse and myself. Just type inOut of the Mouth of a Chinese Dragon or Beimers in the box below and it will come up for you to see.

Oh go ahead. Do it! Last week we got some orders. Thanks to those who love Chinese stories!

Ah! The thrill of having a new book in to the publisher and it's ready for mass distribution. This one is a novel about the KGB actually going out into Siberia and building a secret city for training spies to import into the United States during the 80's, and 90's. The KGB colonel falls in love with a Mongolian Chinese Buryat Shamaness Princess who brings to him one of the most appealing of philosophies that would take him into the 21st Century. She also gives him an unusual daughter who happens to be an indigo child. Seems like more and more of those are being born all around us. Here is the book cover. Can't wait for you to read it and tell us what you think.
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